You Gonna Eat That?

My cooking doesn’t always turn out the way I expect. The other night my wife suggested I cook the two brats that were leftover from the night before. She said they would be good for my lunch at work the next day. Sure, why not? So I fired up the grill and put them on.

A few minutes later my wife called me from the house to come and help her put together a crib for our 4-month-old grandson who was coming to visit in a few days. Well, about 30 minutes later I suddenly remembered the brats on the grill. Needless to say, they were no longer recognizable or edible.

Was it a “senior moment” or just one of life’s many events that don’t go as planned? Anyway, at first I was really upset with myself for not setting the timer, and for wasting the food, but I soon realized that a few dollars “wasted” was worth the picture.

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