About Us

Saving Your Future® is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit charity.

Dr. Jan Andersen, Founder and Executive Director of Saving Your Future, received a BS degree in Secondary Education (Business and Mathematics) from Idaho State University, a MS degree in Consumption Economics from the University of Illinois, and a PhD degree in Family Life (Consumer Studies Emphasis) from Utah State University. He is also a certified Life Coach.

Dr. Andersen has over 25 years of experience teaching a variety of courses, including Algebra, Business Mathematics, Consumer Economics, Consumer Policy, Family Finance, Middle Childhood Development, and Resource Management. He has taught in various settings, including Junior High, High School, University (face-to-face and online), and Adult Education programs.

The mission of Saving Your Future is to provide, primarily online, low- or no-cost educational products and services that integrate social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual topics with financial and other resource management strategies to help individuals and families meet current and future life events.

Simply put, we seek to provide practical Financial and Resource Management strategies to help individuals and families maximize their daily happiness.

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