The Joneses Have Taken Over Social Media

With the proliferation of Social Media in recent years, and the willingness of people to post virtually everything about their lives, the small-town experience is available to people all over the world: that is, everyone’s business is everyone else’s business. For example, many Joneses now call Facebook home.

But who are the Joneses? The Joneses are anyone who, knowingly or unknowingly, portray a lifestyle that “causes” other people to become fundamentally unhappy with their own lives.

Now I’m not saying a person shouldn’t have hopes and dreams about a better life. No, in fact, all of us should set goals we want to accomplish. But a preoccupation with the lifestyle of others usually only creates stress, frustration, envy, and an overall dissatisfaction with life (i.e., unhappiness), which also hinders personal goal attainment. We become convinced that the “grass is always greener” in the Joneses’ backyards (and their front yards, their kitchens, their bathrooms, etc.).

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