Death Around the Bend

A few weeks ago my wife and I took a leisurely drive in the mountains. We had just passed through a small community, and as we approached a bend in the two-lane road my wife anxiously exclaimed “car in our lane!” Sure enough there was an on-coming car attempting to pass another car. As I moved my car as far right as possible, I quickly looked to see if there was a way to exit the road if necessary to avoid a head-on collision. There was nowhere for me to go.

I laid on the horn as the thoughts of death ran through my mind. The passing car managed to get back in its lane and missed hitting us by a few feet. Death eventually takes us all, under a variety of circumstances and at various stages of life. For us that was not “a good day to die” and we are thankful to still be among the living.

The experience got me to thinking about how one prepares for death emotionally and financially. In the long run we can not “Save our Future” from it, but we can make the event easier on those we leave behind. A rather simple thing you can do is to let your family (or close friends) know what your last wishes are. For example do you want a tradition funeral or some other memorial; a coffin burial or cremation; flowers or donations to a charity.

What are some other ways you have prepared for death.

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