Success II

If you judge success only in terms of asset accumulation, the biggest roadblock to your success will be determining how much is enough. In other words, at what dollar value is success reached? If your answer involves a comparison to what those around you have, the quickest and surest way to success is to “move to a poorer neighborhood.”

If you are seriously interested in becoming successful, you must first decide what success is. Success is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Like fingerprints, your success may share aspects common to other people’s success, but “at the end of the day,” success will be unique to you.

Defining success may sound like an easy thing, but for many of us it is a very difficult task. I suggest that you start by writing down five answers to the statement below (don’t try to define success for your whole life but start with smaller time frames such as days, weeks, months, years, decades, or time frames tied to specific life events such as when a child graduates from high school).

At the end of insert your time frame, I will be a success if:






If you are having difficulties coming up with five responses, complete/review the Fabulous Fifty and Five Most Important exercises first.

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