The Green Stuff

We spend a lot of time eating. However, with our busy schedules many of us, compared to generations past, spend a lot less time preparing what we eat. In an effort to slow down a bit and get more “in touch” with the food I eat, I try to do some home cooking on a regular basis. My specialty is homemade bread, which I’ve tested on family, friends, and neighbors over the years.

Just for the fun of it, I will occasionally bake something unexpected for my friends. A little over a years ago on St. Patrick’s Day I made green bread–very, very green. Green all the way through!

I’m not a gourmet cook; my creations would probably not appear in a fancy restaurant. I try to keep things simple and less expensive than eating out. My goal is to enjoy the process; it is cheaper than therapy!

What fun recipes have you tried?

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