Saving What?

I thought of launching this re-designed website on April 1, 2019. Yet, however humorous it would have been, being April Fool’s Day may have created, if only subtly, negative perceptions that “scarred” this site forever. I decided not to risk it.

The teacher in me likes ideas well defined so I often grab a dictionary before I get too far into a discussion. Most words have several acceptable meanings which can cause some confusion when the context is not altogether clear, but multiple meanings can also give flexibility when creating definitions for phrases. Let’s give it a shot by defining the phrase Saving Your Future.

I searched many online dictionaries, and, with a little cutting and pasting from the various definitions and synonyms, came up with the following meanings.

Saving: reducing or preventing harm, damage, or loss

Your: a person’s

Future: existence in a time to come

Putting it all together, Saving Your Future can be defined as: reducing or preventing harm, damage, or loss to a person’s existence in a time to come.

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